We supply GO Wax Lube, GO SprayWax and GO Eco Degreaser & Cleaner

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Why we do it

What makes us tick?

Reason one

Our core focus is to offer our customers simple solutions and added value from our products, while at the same time placing a special emphasis on producing niche products that help make the world a better place for future generations.

Reason two

We are dog-loving tree-huggers. Our products reflect our passion for leaving as small a footprint on the environment as possible.

Reason three

Ah, yes… we also love motorsport and all speed related activities. We started with a Wax Lube for motorbikes and karts, but soon discovered that mining and agricultural industry loves the product too! You might think how the hell can we love the environment and motorsport at the same time? Well life is full of paradoxes and yes we do love them both!

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GO Performance Products (Pty) Ltd
PO Box 972 Knysna 6570 South Africa
Tel: +27 44 302 5777
Mobile: +27 82 992 1417
Fax: +27 866 122 773