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GO Chain Wax is a UNIQUE, emulsion chain lubricant ideally suited to all motorcycle uses. It lubricates better, stays on the chain longer than other dry lubes, and keeps the chain cleaner.

It is a wax based, solvent-free, long-lasting dry lube for motorcycle chains. Produced for GO under license by the world’s leading wax manufacturer, it is blended under specially controlled conditions from a number of specially selected waxes, extreme pressure additives and dry lubricants.

Image A significant benefit is that GO is 100% biodegradable within a 40-50 day period. A product is regarded as “readily biodegradable” when in a 28 day test period it biodegrades by between 40 and 60% - GO achieved 85.67%! We don’t believe there is any other product on the market that can claim this. Together with the fact that there are no solvents of any kind in the lube, GO is truly in a class of its own as regards protecting the environment.


Three reasons:

  • It is the only wax/water emulsion lube available on the market.

  • Being an emulsion makes it possible to get a much higher wax content (+-40% - most other dry lubes have a maximum of 10-25%) per volume. Consequently, much more wax is applied to the chain.

  • Water also evaporates significantly slower than solvents therefore more wax is carried into the openings, and then, once dry, it repels water and mud more effectively.

Image Its unique properties give it the ideal viscosity for:

  • penetrating all areas of the chain

  • extended operating life

  • less chain stretch

  • reducing dirt build up on chain.

  • reducing fling off (meaning not only less waste, but also less dirt build up and cleaning on areas around the chain and sprockets)

  • easier cleaning

GO’s formulation ensures it sticks to the chain longer and extends lubrication intervals compared to other dry lubes on the market.

Its composition significantly reduces dirt build-up on the chain; therefore no grinding paste will form, which will reduce friction, improve performance and extend chain life. With the increased lubrication properties and reduced dirt build up, GO also reduces the chances of chain seizure and subsequent chain chuck.

Effective in all conditions, it is especially effective in mud and fine sand due to the minimal build up on the chain. Tests have also shown it to last longer than conventional wax chain lubes in wet riding. The multiple wax layers reject water during stream crossings with no effect on the function of the lube.

This makes it the ideal lube in all conditions and over extreme distances for off-road, enduro, motocross, motard, circuit racing and road motorcycling applications.

The formulation process gives it a unique, smooth texture making it quick and simple to apply. As GO is much cleaner than conventional lubes it is significantly cleaner to apply; any spillage can simply be wiped away with a dry cloth. There is less wastage as the lube is applied directly to the chain – no high pressure aerosol can that sprays it all over the place! Furthermore, no separation will take place under normal storage conditions and no clogging of the nozzle will occur.

Once GO has been properly applied, no degreasing is ever required (or recommended) again. Continuous applications can be done without having to clean the chain. Excess wax that is expelled by the chain does not attract dirt, hardens slightly and falls off during riding. At most, in extreme dirt conditions, cleaning with a dry brush is adequate. Is that not a great relief as cleaning chains is widely considered one of the biggest pains around?

As GO contains no solvents, there is also absolutely no damage to, or premature degradation, of the O rings.

PS: While GO is a premium product and is priced accordingly, when you consider that you get a lot more wax on your chain compared to other products and your chain will last longer and perform better, in reality it offers exceptionally (dare we say unbeatable) value for money!

Image Summary of benefits for motorcycle chains:

  1. Unique properties

  2. Produced by global leader

  3. Lubricates better

  4. Longer lasting

  5. Increased chain life

  6. Enhanced performance due to less friction

  7. Reduced dirt pick up

  8. Reduced flick off therefore less mess

  9. Reduced chance of chain seizure and chain chuck

  10. Cleaner to use in workshop

  11. No more degreasing

  12. Value for money


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