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Wayne Gardner – 1987 World 500cc Motorcycle Champion

"GO Chain Wax is the best chain lube that I have come across in my many years of motor racing. I have tested it thoroughly in a variety of conditions, both on road and dirt, and have been very impressed with its performance every time. Some of the key benefits I noticed during testing were how clean the product is in use; the chain to sprocket lubrication is extremely efficient; there is minimal fling off and minimal dirt pick up on the chain. It helps to significantly reduce chain stretch, ultimately improves chain life; and, the fact that it is not harmful to the environment is a big bonus.

Considering the all the benefits of this fantastic product, I thoroughly recommend Go Chain Wax for use on any motorcycle, and am happy to put my name to it.

I first started using Go Chain Wax whilst playing chief mechanic for my sons’ dirt track bikes. I was immediately impressed with how easily the bikes clean up after riding, and the minimal attention and adjustment that was needed during a day’s racing. After an event, I simply hose the chains down and any dirt particles come off really easily. I then just wipe the chain down with a rag and let it dry - they come up like brand new. Any build up on the engine case near the front sprocket and the chain guide also washes away easily.

One of my most recent tests with GO Chain Wax included a one day at Eastern Creek race track followed by two days on the open roads using six of the latest model 1000cc motorcycles. As expected GO performed very well, and the results and feedback from the other riders was extremely positive. On the first day we coated the chains, and experienced virtually no chain fling, which is really impressive, and very important for the proud owners of expensive machines like these. We then lubed the chains each day before riding, and completed between 400-500kms per day. Being a large section o-ring chain, I paid a lot of attention to the rear sprocket lubrication, and as with the kid’s dirt bikes, it kept a good film of lubrication on the sprockets.

The chains were very healthily covered with Go Chain Wax at the end of the ride; in fact, it appeared as if the chain hadn’t done any work at all. Every other test rider involved commented on how clean the bikes were – particularly on the rear rim and the edges of the tyres. All of them were impressed with the product performance.”

Greg Albertyn: 3 times World Motocross Champion / 1 time USA Motocross Champion

"In my professional riding days I did not have to worry about chain lube on my bikes for obvious reasons, but since I now ride my own bike for pleasure chain maintenance and wear is more important to me. I used to use any type of lube on the chain, but I now ride with GO Chain Wax because it is great. In the toughest conditions there is no fling off, the chain stays clean and it has great lube power. GO is the only product I now use and I am confident in recommending others use it too."

Alfie Cox: 24 times South African Enduro & Off-Road Champion / Dakar Legend

"I use GO Chain Wax on all my Alfie Cox Adventure Tours bikes as I have confidence in its superior performance."

Russell Wood: 14 times South African Motorcycle Champion

"GO Chain Wax is going to revolutionise the chain lubricant market. All testing has shown it to perform significantly better than other lubes on the market. I am happy to put my name to it and recommend that you give it a try."

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