Brad Anassis - 6 x SA Drag Champion

As usual I thought it was a sales pitch, but when my Dad said this is good sh&%t I took another look at the product. I ran the product on my Suzuki Hyabusa Drag bike to see if it would come off before trying it on my teams road racing superbikes. It did not come off and seems to keep the rear wheel spinning a lot longer on the rear stand. We will definitely be treating all our team motorcycles with GO at the start of the 09 season.

Jeff Ware: Editor Rapid Bikes Australia www.rapidbikes.com.au

A few things I noticed about the GO chain wax are listed below. I ran the the wax on our R1, ZX-10R, Hayabusa and FZ6 race bike. The ZX-10R is used to commute 250km per day and we ran the wax for two weeks. The R1 we used on the racetrack for a day and on the road ride of our comparo. The Hayabusa I used the wax at the Sport Compack Attack drag race meeting and the FZ6 cup bike raced at Winton Raceway.

We really gave the lube a good test and went through one and a half test bottles. Before application, the chains were cleaned using aerosol brake cleaner (same as contact cleaner or white spirits) so they were spotless.

No flick off at all really, so fantastic for clean wheels. I’ve never seen a lube that lives up to its claims of low fling off so that alone would be enough for most riders to buy it as cleaning wheels sucks. It is also much safer on the racetrack as it does not contaminate the rear tyre.

Although we did over 2000km in total over two weeks, the chain did not need adjusting on the ZX-10R nor on the Hayabusa after a day of drag racing

Virtually none. This is also amazing as most lubes are a pain, they attract sand and grit. We rode some back country road and a dirt section at Wollombi on the ZX-10R and no dirt stuck to the chain.

When applying using the squeeze bottle I dropped a fair bit of the lube on my brand new garage floor. Wiped off easy, most lubes need brake cleaner to get them off the concrete.

Branon White - USA Drag Racer (AHDRA National Number 7)

I wanted to drop a line and let you know that I received the lube and its great! No mess! Thanks again. "At 140 MPH I would not trust any other chain lube on my bike."

Deon Meyer - International novelist and passionate motorcyclist

We have tested the lube, and we’re pretty impressed. By ‘we’, I mean the small Loxton enduro riding community – a KTM 450, a KTM 530, and my little KDX 220. What we really like about it, is the fact that the chain and sprockets stay free of grit (always a problem in the dusty Karoo), which not only cuts down on wear and tear, but on cleaning and maintenance as well. And, for my money, the application – getting the stuff on the chain - is a lot easier and cleaner than most other products too.

Dave Tindall - UK (www.mxcam.co.uk)

I raced on Sunday in deep mud, I applied the lube as directed and it worked really well. I applied it as directed and didn’t need to re-apply for the rest of the races. I cleaned the bike up yesterday, and the chain has come up much cleaner as claimed.

The testing I have done so far includes mx in a variety of conditions from bone dry dusty conditions, through to heavy sandy mud. GO chain wax proved fantastic on all occasions. One point to note was; I put a brand new chain on two rides ago and applied the product, and still have not had to tighten the chain due to it stretching.

Went riding again yesterday and I was talking to a motorcycle shop manager who was also riding. We were speaking about lubes; he was using Putoline Aerosol lube and I was telling him about GO chain wax. Not convinced, he sprayed his chain with Putoline and I applied GO to my friend's bike. After the session:

Putoline lube was: a) all over the rim of his bike, b) all over the tyre, c) all over the swinging arm, d) a paste had formed on the rear sprocket full of dirt, e) the chain was bone dry.

Go Wax was: a) still lube on the chain, b) no paste on rear sprocket, c) no fling off whatsoever, d) now going in his shop.

It really blew him away with how well it performed.

Rocco Bonsma - Former Motocross racer and avid motorcyclist

I recently rode from the Western Cape to Underberg in KwaZulu-Natal on my Honda TransAlp – a seven day ride covering a distance of just short of 3000km and was mightily impressed with the performance of Go Chain Wax. The route comprised of about 70 percent dirt, 30 percent tar and included a variety of terrain, dry and wet conditions, and river crossings. Before leaving I lubed the chain with GO, and then at about the midway point at the beginning of day five I simply reapplied a little more as per the instructions. The chain remained well lubed and superbly clean throughout the trip all the way to the end, unlike anything else I have ever used in many years of riding motorcycles and unlike the chains of the other bikes on the ride with us. What impressed me further was that through the multiple river crossings there was no wash off of the lube and when I got home in addition to the chain being clean, there was minimal fling off leaving the wheel, swing arm and frame free of the muck that is so prevalent with other lubes I have used in the past.


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