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Starter Pack

Our unique GO Starter Pack came about as a result of requests from customers who were unsure of what to use for cleaning their chains before applying GO Chain Wax. We then researched the issue and found that motorcyclists were worried about damaging the ‘O’ rings when cleaning, and that there was conflicting information on what products could be used. We also discovered that customers would often purchase a chain lube and head home, only to find that they had no degreaser when it came time to apply the lube. This then resulted in them simply adding the new product to the existing lube. As adding GO Chain Wax to an existing lube negates the benefits, we decided to introduce the GO Starter Pack to assist users of Go.
The GO Starter Pack kit consists of 500ml GO Chain Wax, 500ml GO Eco Degreaser, a cleaning cloth and a small brush.


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