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As you are well aware the first Karting event of the season is behind us, and I would like to inform you of the results to date with the tests carried out on GO WAX CHAIN LUBE.

KARTWORLD as you are well aware, along with it’s number one driver Chassen Bright (a South African Champion and National Colours holder) and other team members have been testing and using the product from inception on all it’s karts, and the most grueling tests have been carried out on the 37hp VORTEX SUPER ROK mounted on the PCR chassis of Chassen Bright, and have found the following:

• The chain and sprocket LIFE has more than doubled
• The Karts after long distance tests of over 20km stints still show visible signs of lubrication
• There is minimum fling of the GO WAX CAIN LUBE on the chassis or engine which cannot be said about the other products tested.
• There is no dirt pick up on the chain and sprockets
• One has to use far less GO CHAIN WAX on any single application compared to other chain lubes tested
• There is no Chain Lube inside the clutch drum which was the case before with other products causing clutch slip and loss of performance

Due to the above KARTWORLD has appointed GO CHAIN WAX as the official supplier of chain lube for the teams 2008 race season. The team will have drivers competing in local, national and international Karting events, with Chassen Bright (www.chassenbright.co.za) in the SUPER ROK Class driving a PCR as its number one driver.

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