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GO Wax Lube’s formulation ensures it stays on the chain longer, extends lubrication intervals, has minimal fling off, runs cleaner and prolongs chain and sprocket life compared to other lubes on the market.

If that weren’t enough to make you buy it, how is this? It is so clever that our one formulation works for all types of bike – superbikes, race bikes, drag racers, adventure bikes, MX, offroad, motard, and quads. Even those older Hardly Dangerous and smaller Beamer bikes that are chain driven will enjoy the benefits. There is no need for a different type of lube for each bike in your garage as some brands would try to have you believe! Are they really different or have they just got different labels? Good marketing perhaps? Either way we hope you are wise to it!

While we are talking about unnecessarily spending your hard earned cash – do you know that most aerosols only have 10-25% lube in them? Yup, that’s right. You are predominantly paying for carrier fluid and gas, not lube… ouch!

So back to our sales blurb…

GO Wax Lube works exceptionally well in all types of riding conditions, but it is especially good where there is dirt – such as mud and fine sand – due to the minimal build up on the chain. If you have a moment’s doubt, think about why we sell tons of it to mines, cement plants and farms, dammit!!

Tests have also shown it to last longer than conventional wax chain lubes in wet riding. The multiple wax layers reject water on wet roads or during stream crossings with no effect on the function of the lube.

As it contains no solvents, there is also absolutely no damage to, or premature degradation, of the O rings.

So, to sum up, its unique properties give it the ideal viscosity for:

  • penetrating all areas of the chain
  • extended operating life
  • less chain stretch
  • reducing dirt build up on chain
  • reducing fling off
  • minimal and easier cleaning of wheels and on areas around the chain and sprockets as a result of minimal fling off.

And, for those who care about the environment, it is 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Traditional lubes are so passe’.

Go Wax Lube is available in the following sizes:

  • 120ml (4.06 fl.oz)
  • 500ml (16.9 fl.oz) Squeeze and SprayWax spray bottles
  • Motorcycle chains.
  • Bushes and other external parts requiring lube.
  • Protects against surface rust.
How to apply
    1. The formulation process gives it a unique, smooth texture making it quick and simple to apply. As GO Wax Lube is much cleaner than conventional lubes it is significantly cleaner to apply; any spillage can simply be wiped away with a dry cloth. There is less wastage as the lube is applied directly to the chain – no high pressure aerosol cans that spray it all over the place!
  1. Clean chain with GO Eco Degreaser & Cleaner.
  2. Ensure chain is DRY.
  3. Shake GO Wax Lube well.
  4. Apply GO Wax Lube to chain at the 10 o’clock position on sprocket (if chain is rotating clockwise) or 2 o’clock position on sprocket (if chain is rotating anti-clockwise) while slowly rotating the wheel. GO Chain Lube can also be applied on the inside of the chain just prior to where it makes contact with the sprocket.
  5. Apply enough GO Wax Lube to lightly cover the chain. As the carrier fluid is water GO Wax Lube will penetrate into the necessary areas even though application is from “above” the chain.
  6. Allow to dry for at least 30 minutes. Ideally, apply lube after washing motorcycle and leave to dry overnight.
  7. On initial (first) application, repeat after five minutes (this is very important). Thereafter it is not necessary to apply twice.
  8. In wet conditions it is important to allow lube to dry completely before exposing to water. Once dry, GO Wax Lube repels water.

Once GO Wax Lube has been properly applied, no degreasing is ever required (or recommended) again. Continuous applications can be done without having to clean the chain. Excess wax that is expelled by the chain does not attract dirt, hardens slightly and falls off during riding. At most, in extreme dirt conditions, cleaning with a dry brush is adequate. Is that not a great relief? Cleaning chains and wheels has to be one of the biggest pains around!

As usual I thought it was a sales pitch, but when my Dad said this is good sh&%t I took another look at the product. I ran the product on my Suzuki Hyabusa Drag bike to see if it would come off before trying it on my teams road racing superbikes. It did not come off and seems to keep the rear wheel spinning a lot longer on the rear stand. We will definitely be treating all our team motorcycles with GO at the start of the 09 season.

Brad Anassis
6 x SA Drag Champion

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