GO Wax Lube 120ml

GO Wax Lube 120ml

GO Wax Lube offers a wax-based, solvent free, multi-pronged lubrication solution:

  • Environmental – it is 100% Bio-degradable, non-toxic and solvent free.
  • Value for money – it goes further, lasts longer and runs cleaner giving chains and equipment longer life.
  • Ease of use – lower maintenance down time – quick and easy to apply.

It is blended under specially controlled conditions from a number of specially selected waxes, extreme pressure additives and dry lubricants. In liquid form it penetrates the chain links and rollers where the specially formulated wax and additives enable it to handle high extreme pressures, while rejecting dirt, over extended lubrication intervals.


  1. Ensure chain, equipment and cables are clean and dry. Use GO Eco Degreaser & Cleaner to clean if necessary.
  2. Ensure equipment is DRY.
  3. Shake GO Wax Lube well.
  4. Apply GO Wax Lube in the following manner depending on what is most suitable for your application:
    • Directly by squeezing through nozzle of squeeze bottle onto part.
    • Spray on with SprayWax hand pump bottle.
    • Paint on with paint brush.
    • Dip into dip tank, hang to dry.
    • Feeder/applicator system (where compatible).
  5. Apply enough GO Wax Lube to lightly cover the chain/equipment/part.
  6. Allow to dry for 5 – 30 minutes.
  7. On initial (first) application, repeat after five minutes (this is very important). Thereafter it is not necessary to apply twice.
  8. In wet conditions it is important to allow lube to dry completely before exposing to water. Once dry, GO Wax Lube repels water.
  9. No further degreasing is necessary. Simply re-lube as required.

NOTE: GO Wax Lube is not suitable for chain saws and other high heat applications over 70°C.



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