GO Wax Lube

What application methods can be used with Go Wax Lube?

This is dependent on the equipment/chain size being lubricated and what best suits your requirements. The most common are our squeeze bottle with a thin tapered nozzle which is most suitable for thin and small chain applications and our adjustable nozzle SprayWax bottle for a finer, wider, and even upside down application. On broader chains the use of a paint brush to spread the lubricant over all elements of the chain is widely used. Pre-lubing of large chains is often done by dipping the entire chain in a ‘dip tray’ which allows it to be completely coated with lubricant. In instances where continuous lubing is necessary, an automated feeder system can be used.

Can I apply Go Wax Lube onto a chain that already has grease or oil on it?
Well you could, but the good stuff (GO Wax Lube) will mix with the bad stuff and therefore its performance will be compromised. By how much? Well that depends on what lube is on there and its characteristics. We always recommend that the chain is first properly cleaned, for best results with our GO Eco Degreaser and Cleaner, and then GO Wax Lube applied.
After degreasing the chain, how soon can I apply GO Wax Lube?
After degreasing, make sure the chain is 100% dry before applying the lube.
How often should I degrease the chain when using GO Wax Lube?

Always degrease before applying GO Wax Lube for the first time. After initial application, we recommend that you do not degrease again – simply keep adding GO Wax Lube. Any excess build-up of lubricant can simply be brushed off with a light, dry brush or cloth.

How many coats of GO Wax Lube should I apply?
For best performance on the first application ONLY we recommend a second coating once the first coating has dried properly.
How soon after the chain has been lubricated can it be used?
For optimal results, make sure GO Wax Lube is allowed to fully dry on the chain before being used. This varies between approximately five and 30 minutes. It is preferable to allow to dry longer the faster the chain rotates. On motorcycles the ideal is to leave overnight.
Is GO Wax Lube sticky?
No – that is one of its key characteristics. Once dry it is not tacky and does not build up grinding paste.
Does GO Wax Lube have a shelf-life?
If stored under normal conditions it does not have a shelf life. We have samples that are perfect many years later, but we do suggest that you don’t keep it for years and years – it is there to protect your chain and equipment so use it.
How long will GO Wax Lube last once the bottle is opened?
If the bottle or nozzle is properly closed after use it will remain in good order. If it is left open the carrier fluid will evaporate and it will harden over time.
Why do I see dust build-up on my chain after applying GO Wax Lube?
This is 100% normal. We never claim that there will be zero percent as that is impossible, but it will be miniscule compared to almost every other lube. The amount of build-up will also naturally depend on the environment – where there are high volumes of airborne dust such as mines, sawmills, packaging, and cement plants a thin layer of dust build-up on the edges is normal. However, the excess build-up will drop off allowing the chain to run much cleaner and preventing a ‘grinding paste’ and allied chain wear.
How often should I lubricate the chain with GO Wax Lube?

There is no fixed rule here. The size and type of chain, the specific application, the time the chain runs per day, and the environmental conditions will vary significantly.
You need to find your sweet spot; therefore, we recommend that at first, apply and evaluate daily. Don’t only visibly check for lube, but run your finger over the equipment to feel if there is still wax on it.
Because chains run much cleaner with GO Wax Lube, first time users often think there is no lube on the chain as they are used to an oily gunky appearance (and relate that to it being lubed). In most cases, you will find there could still be plenty of lube left, hence the finger rub test. If you find there is still sufficient lubrication, extend the intervals by a day at a time until you find that more lube is required. That will give you your lubrication interval. Having said that, we recommend no longer than 7 days between each lube to ensure sufficient protection of the chain.

What sizes does GO Wax Lube come in?

120ml (available for motorcycle use only), 500ml squeeze, and 500ml SprayWax bottles, 5L and 25L container and 180L drum.

Is GO Wax Lube waterproof?
No. GO Wax Lube is not 100% waterproof, but it is close. Once it is 100% dry it will keep water off the chain and equipment and prevent oxidation. It can even run through water continuously, but as the chain is working it will reduce over time. It is suitable for outdoor use or in environments that have high levels of damp or light sprinklings of water. On motorcycles you can safely ride through rivers, while on power boats and yachts it protects against salty sea water.
Can I add water to GO Wax Lube?
NO. As GO Wax Lube is an emulsion that is very specifically formulated, adding addition water to it will negatively alter the properties and diminish the lubricating abilities of the product.
Can GO Wax Lube be used on items besides chains?

Yes. GO Wax Lube can be used on a variety of applications including open gears and bearings, cables, screw threads, door hinges, woodworking equipment, marine equipment, and more.

Can I use GO Wax Lube on my marine boat?
Yes. We have had great success with GO Wax Lube in marine applications. Spray a fine mist (SprayWax) over the engine to provide a water-resistant layer to protect against rust, lube your cables, hinges, etc. On sailing boats use it for lubricating the main sheet and genoa car travellers, the masthead, spinnaker pole beak, etc.
Can I use it on Chainsaws?
No. Chainsaw lube is very specifically blended with extreme tackifiers to keep it on the chain – the opposite of what GO Wax Lube is about.
What is the operating temperature of GO Wax Lube?
Optimal operating temperature is between 0 – 70 degrees Celsius. It can go under zero in certain conditions (and we can add an additive for continuous sub-zero use) but 70 is the maximum. It is a wax based product and it will melt over that point.
How much lubricant should I use?

Sufficient to properly coat the chain or equipment. Remember that all moving parts that come in contact with another part require lubricant to reduce friction between them and thereby increase longevity. So, make sure all those parts are lubricated especially where the surfaces come into contact and that is enough. If your equipment operates in areas with high rust, you may want to make sure that all the equipment is covered to prevent oxidation and therefore rust. You cannot ‘over lubricate’ the chain.

Is GO Wax Lube environmentally friendly?
GO Wax lube is 100% biodegradable, solvent free and non-toxic. Any spillage or drop-off of lubricant will not contaminate the environment at all.
Why did GO Wax Lube not adhere to the chain after applying?
In almost 100% instances, this is because of the chain either not being 100% dry or clean of old lubricant. Make sure the chain is totally clean dry before applying GO Wax Lube.
How do I clean GO Wax Lube if it is spilt?
On most surfaces simply wipe off with a dry cloth. On clothing, rinse before it dries.
Can GO Wax Lube be effectively used in an automated lubrication system?
In most cases, yes. The nipple size may need to be changed to suit the viscosity.
I’ve noticed small bits of wax dropping off once the chain is operating. Is this normal?
Yes, this is 100% normal due to the characteristic of the lubricant which works all excess dirt, grime, and any other build-up to the outer edges of the chain where it harmlessly falls off.
What type of chains can I use GO Wax Lube on?
GO Wax Lube can be effectively used on any size chains operating outdoors or indoors within the temperature operating range.
Is GO Wax Lube safe to use in ‘food-grade’ rated sectors?
No. Although GO Wax Lube is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and solvent free, it is NOT food grade certified for incidental contact. It is however, safe to use on any chain gear that does not come into direct contact with food products.
What makes GO Wax Lube better than other lubricants and why should I consider changing my current lubricant?
GO Wax Lube is a wax-based dry lubricant. If you are currently using an oil based or grease lubricant, by their very nature, they will attract dirt and continue to build up what is commonly referred to as ‘grinding paste’. This grinding paste acts like a fine sandpaper, substantially increasing wear and tear on chains, sprockets, running gear and equipment. Equipment life is severely reduced. GO Wax Lube attracts very little to no dirt thereby significantly extending equipment life.
Why is using GO Wax Lube or SprayWax more cost efficient than using an aerosol based lubricant?

Aerosol packaged lubricants normally contain as little as 10-25% lubricant with the remainder a combination of carrier fluid, solvents and propellants. So, you are being short changed with lubricant. GO Wax Lube and SprayWax contains up to 50% pure wax with the remainder the carrier fluid, which is water. There is NO gas, propellants or solvents required to get it out the can. Then it also works much better, offers extended equipment life and minimises downtime. This all adds up to make it a much better value proposition – do we need to say more on cost efficiency?

GO Wax Lube is thicker than oil; will it still penetrate and lubricate my chain properly?

Yes. Because GO Wax Lube uses water as its carrier fluid (which evaporates at a much slower rate than other carrier liquids e.g. solvents), when properly applied it penetrates to all parts of the chain and/or equipment.

I’ve noticed that the chain is running cleaner but can’t see if it has lubricant on it. How must I check?

Don’t only visibly check for lube, but run your finger over the equipment to feel if there is still wax on it. Because chains run much cleaner with GO Wax Lube, first time users often think there is no lube on the chain as they are used to an oily gunky appearance (and relate that to it being lubed). In most cases, you will find there could still be plenty of lube left, hence the finger rub test. If it feels dry, then it is time to lube again.

Can GO Wax Lube and SprayWax be used in flammable or pressurised conditions?
Yes. GO Wax Lube and SprayWax is non-flammable and contains no flammable gases.
How long can GO Wax Lube extend the chain life?
In tests conducted, using GO Wax Lube has been shown to extend chain life by as much as 200%, however this is largely dependent on the operating conditions, usage patterns and environmental conditions.
Will the GO SprayWax bottle still function if used upside down?
Yes. Well, obviously while there is still enough lube in the bottle for the nozzle pick up to find it. It will work in a horizontal position for a long time though! As the GO SprayWax bottle has a self-regulated action spray handle for getting the lube out rather than propellant gas, it is the ideal choice to use in difficult to reach or confined spaces, underground mines or on overhead chain gear where you won’t get any drip-off.
With GO SprayWax, can I adjust the spray volume and pressure of lube delivery?
Yes. The GO SprayWax bottle allows you full control of the delivery. The adjustable nozzle allows for accurate placement of lube onto the areas requiring lubrication. With the self-regulated action spray handle, the pressure is controlled by your input allowing for the release of lubricant to be accurately regulated. This minimizes or totally removes ‘spray-through’ onto surfaces that don’t require lubricant, such as commonly occurs with aerosol lubricants.
I’ve noted that the viscosity of GO SprayWax is slightly thinner than GO Wax Lube. Does this diminish the effectiveness?
No. The slightly thinner viscosity will not alter the properties or performance in any way.

GO Eco Degreaser

Is GO Eco Degreaser and Cleaner environmentally friendly?

YES. GO Eco Degreaser and Cleaner is 100% environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, solvent free, non-caustic, non-flammable and non-volatile.

Is GO Eco Degreaser and Cleaner safe to use in ‘food grade’ related sectors?
GO Eco Degreaser and Cleaner is safe to use in any environment including food industries. It is however NOT ‘food grade’ certified therefore cannot be used in areas where this is a requirement.
How should it be applied?
There is no one simple answer as it depends on the severity of the dirt. However, for optimal results in medium to hard cleaning, GO Eco Degreaser and Cleaner should be liberally applied to the surfaces of the chain, floor, clothing or equipment to be cleaned, agitated with a brush, broom or similar and then left for 10-15 minutes while the surfactants work on lifting the dirt. Then just rinse off.
I bought a bottle of GO Eco Degreaser and Cleaner which has now changed colour. Is it still suitable to use?
Yes. GO Eco Degreaser contains a green organic colourant which when exposed to sunlight will fade. Ultraviolet rays break down the chemical bonds holding the colour and thus creating fade over time. Green, with longer wavelengths, is one of the faster fading colours. While the colour fades, the rest of the chemical bond remains in place and the product’s cleaning effectiveness is not affected in any way.
I applied GO Eco Degreaser and Cleaner and rinsed it off but it did not clean the surface – why?

In almost all instances where the product does not perform to its optimal levels, it has been because of incorrect use. This is mostly through not agitating or allowing sufficient time for the active ingredients to do their work before being rinsed off. Even with simple motorcycle or car washing where it is not necessary to wait 10-15 minutes, best results are achieved by sponging or wiping the surface once the GO Eco Degreaser and Cleaner/water mix has been applied.

Is it safe to rinse GO Eco Degreaser and Cleaner directly into the soil or should it be contained and disposed of?

GO Eco Degreaser and Cleaner is 100% safe to rinse off directly into the soil as it is fully environmentally friendly and biodegradable and won’t pollute grass or soil as acid based degreasers do. However, please bear in mind the properties of the dirt that is being washed off as it may pollute the environment.

How long will GO Eco Degreaser and Cleaner last if stored?
There is no determined lifespan for GO Eco Degreaser and Cleaner and it should therefore last for many years if stored in normal conditions.
Can I use GO Eco Degreaser and Cleaner as a hand wash?
Yes. Not only will it lift and clean most dirt and grime, but it will also not damage or burn your skin.
Is it safe to use for washing my car?
Yes. Not only will it not harm the paintwork on your car’s surface, but it won’t leave streak marks
Can I use it on household items?
Yes. It is safe to use on dishes, greasy pots or pans, cleaning countertops, ovens, and barbeque grids. It makes the ideal dishwasher when camping.
Can I use it to clean my garage or workshop floor?
Yes, GO Eco Degreaser and Cleaner is the ideal general purpose cleaner and degreaser for any workshop or garage.
Can I dilute GO Eco Degreaser and Cleaner?
Yes. See pack for details.
What strengths are available in GO Eco Degreaser and Cleaner?
We have two strengths available: 1) Industrial strength recommended for heavy duty industrial degreasing and cleaning 2) Standard strength for general purpose and light duty cleaning.
What are suitable environments to use GO Degreaser and Cleaner in?
GO Eco Degreaser and Cleaner can be used in any environment for general purpose cleaning or degreasing. The most suitable environments however are those that are legislated or have a strong requirement to use a 100% environmentally eco product such as in mines, sawmills, cement plants or other to minimise environmental contamination.
Why should I consider using GO Eco Degreaser and Cleaner over the existing degreaser being used?
Unlike many other degreasers and cleaners, GO Eco Degreaser and Cleaner contains 6 different surfactant types for deep penetration and potent lifting of dirt and grime, not to mention that it is not harmful to most skin types and 100% environmentally friendly. What more could you ask for?
What GO Eco Degreaser and Cleaner container sizes are available?
Convenient 500ml Spray handle bottle, 5L, 25L and 210L.

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