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GO Wax Lube is a wax based, solvent-free, long-lasting dry lube.

As it is a dry lube and therefore does not collect dirt and form a grinding paste, it is especially effective in environments with a high density of air-borne dirt and dust such as sawmilling, cement plants, textile plants, paper packaging plants, fertiliser plants, etc.

However, its applications are virtually limitless including forklift, cranes, hoists, conveyor chains etc.

GO has also performed particularly well across a variety of applications in the industrial, semi-industrial and DIY home woodworking environments as follows:

  • Cast iron and nylon monobloc feed track on edge banders and multi blade rip saws
  • Rack and pinion on precision machines, like CNC and beam saws
  • Sliding table guides and rise and fall on panel saws and thicknessers
  • Creates a non-stick surface for multi-drill bits, chucks, blades and cutter blocks
  • Protects against friction and surface rust
  • Total protection for all chain drives
  • Furthermore, it can be used effectively almost anywhere from lubricating hinges, threaded bars on sash clamps or auto planers, telescopic runners, height adjusters on pedestal drills, etc.
  • It is even used in vehicle suspension linkages, door locks, garage doors, builders props, etc.

NOTE: GO Wax Lube is not suitable for chain saws and other high heat applications over 70°C.

GO Industrial Wax Lube is available in the following sizes:

  • 500ml (16.9 fl.oz) Squeeze and SprayWax spray bottles
  • 5 litre (169 fl.oz)
  • 25 litre (845.35 fl.oz)
  • 180 litre (47.55 gal)

  • Most chain types and sizes in these sectors:
    Sawmilling, fertiliser, textile, cement, automotive, bottling, packaging plants, mining, agriculture, forklift, cranes, hoists, conveyor chains, etc.
  • Industrial equipment: presses, sliders, rack and pinions, open bearings, etc.
  • Woodworking equipment
  • Vehicle suspension bushes
  • Door locks
  • Garage doors
  • Builders props
  • And more…
How to apply
  1. Ensure chain, equipment and cables are clean and dry. Use GO Eco Degreaser & Cleaner to clean if necessary.
  2. Ensure equipment is DRY.
  3. Shake GO Wax Lube well.
  4. Apply GO Wax Lube in the following manner depending on what is most suitable for your application:
    • Directly by squeezing through nozzle of squeeze bottle onto part.
    • Spray on with SprayWax hand pump bottle.
    • Paint on with paint brush.
    • Dip into dip tank, hang to dry.
    • Feeder/applicator system (where compatible).
  5. Apply enough GO Wax Lube to lightly cover the chain/equipment/part.
  6. Allow to dry for 5 – 30 minutes.
  7. On initial (first) application, repeat after five minutes (this is very important). Thereafter it is not necessary to apply twice.
  8. In wet conditions it is important to allow lube to dry completely before exposing to water. Once dry, GO Wax Lube repels water.
  9. No further degreasing is necessary. Simply re-lube as required.
“Impressed with it, and it is easy to use with the squeeze bottle. It extended the chain’s life by more than twice the normal replacement period. GO Wax Lube was used in our Effluent plant on the Rotary de-watering screen. Totally satisfied with the end result and will keep on using it.”
~ Karel Potgieter : Pulp Mill Mechanical Foreman.
MSDS Technical Info
Download the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) here

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