GO Wax Lube

Used by SAB, PG Bison, MPACT, PPC, ABI and many others.

GO Wax Lube offers a wax-based, solvent free, multi-pronged lubrication solution:

  • Environmental – it is 100% Bio-degradable, non-toxic and solvent free.
  • Value for money – it goes further, lasts longer and runs cleaner giving chains and equipment longer life.
  • Ease of use – lower maintenance down time – quick and easy to apply.

It is blended under specially controlled conditions from a number of specially selected waxes, extreme pressure additives and dry lubricants. In liquid form it penetrates the chain links and rollers where the specially formulated wax and additives enable it to handle high extreme pressures, while rejecting dirt, over extended lubrication intervals.


GO Wax Lube and SprayWax performs particularly well across a variety of chains and equipment in the industrial sector.


Environmental pollution and high levels of airborne dirt are headaches for the mining industry. Go Wax Lube is the intelligent lubrication choice to prevent headaches.


There are bikers that are fastidious about their chains and sprockets and those that never bother. Surprisingly enough Go Wax Lube caters to both. Clean chains and rims, extended life, less stretch and increased performance keep the  former happy. Lubing the chain and forgetting about it for all the above reasons works for the latter group.


GO Wax Lube and SprayWax is especially effective in environments with a high density of air-borne dirt and dust, typically found in the agricultural industry.


GO SprayWax is the prefered option here as the controllable pump action bottle allows for easier application in difficult to reach places and for fine spray over engines to prevent rust. It is perfect for use on very detailed areas on boats and all marine equipment.


These little beauties rev so high they fling most lubes to the outer atmosphere. Ok, maybe not quite. Just all over the kart, overalls and helmets. Go Wax Lube stays on the chain where it is meant to be and your equipment stays clean.
What you need to know about chain lubricants
There are two groups of lubes on the market: wet, which are oil based; and dry which are wax, graphite, teflon, etc based. Wet lubes are so called because they stay wet on the chain, and dry because their carrier liquids evaporate to leave a dry lubricant on the chain.

It is a misconception that wet lubes are for wet conditions, and dry lubes for dry conditions – a good dry lube will, taking component wear and cleaning into consideration, ‘out lube’ a wet lube in all conditions. While a wet lube will perhaps obtain more distance its major disadvantages are that it attracts dirt like honey to a blanket, forms a grinding paste which leads to significant chain and sprocket wear, and is a pain in the neck to clean. In every instance, chains lubed with wet lubes require regular degreasing for optimal performance.

Every other dry lube on the market that we know of is formulated with the lubricant component dissolved in a carrier liquid, which is almost always some form of combination of solvents such as benzine, heptane, propane, alcohol, acetone, etc. The net effect of this is that such solutions are saturated with a very low content of the lubricant. Therefore, once it is applied to the chain, the chain is left with too little lube.

Furthermore, the carrier liquid usually always evaporates too quickly before the lubricant can be carried into the openings in the chain between the plates, and pins and rollers leaving the chain under lubed.

In most instances (even those rated among the best lubes on the market) aerosol chain lubes have only 10-25% lube in the can, while the rest is solvent. That means you are paying for gas and solvent not lube!!

100% biodegradable
GO Wax Lube is 100% biodegradable within a 40-50 day period. A product is regarded as “readily biodegradable” when in a 28 day test period it biodegrades by between 40 and 60% – GO Wax Lube achieved 85.67%! We don’t believe there is any other product on the market that can claim this. Together with the fact that there are no solvents of any kind in the lube, GO Wax Lube is truly in a class of its own as regards protecting the environment.

The biodegradability is especially relevant for agricultural and mining applications where earth pollutant is becoming increasingly legislated. The lack of solvents makes the product ideally suited to environments where flammable products cannot be used due to safety concerns, such as in underground mines, smelter plants, etc.

Why is GO Wax Lube unique?
Three reasons:

  1. It is the only wax/water emulsion lube available on the market.
  2. Being an emulsion makes it possible to get a much higher wax content (+-40% – most other lubes have a maximum of 10-25%) per volume. Consequently, much more lube is in our bottle than that found in a can.
  3. Water also evaporates significantly slower than solvents therefore more wax is carried into the openings, and then, once dry, it repels water and dirt more effectively.

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