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GO Motorcycle and Kart Chain Wax’s formulation ensures it sticks to the chain longer and extends lubrication intervals compared to other dry lubes on the market.

Reduced fling off means less dirt build up and cleaning on areas around the chain and sprockets. We all know what a pain in the butt it is cleaning around the sprockets and frame, never mind the greasy stains on your overalls and helmet.

The minimal fling off also means that, on relevant karts, the chain lube does not fling into the clutch drum as is the case with other products, thereby preventing clutch slip and loss of performance during the race at that critical moment when you are ….out front leading the race!!

Ok, so apart from the lack of fling-off what else? Well GO’s composition significantly reduces dirt build-up on the chain; therefore no grinding paste will form, which will reduce friction, improve performance and extend chain life.

With the increased lubrication properties and reduced dirt build up, GO also reduces the chances of chain failure.

It is especially effective in wet conditions.  Tests have shown it to last longer than conventional wax chain lubes in wet driving. The multiple wax layers reject water and mud coming off the track with no effect on the function of the lube.

And that fine sand that blows across the track? Most lubes attract that like honey on a banket creating a beautiful, sticky, rough, abrasive paste that just eats away at your chain. We hardly notice it thanks to our special formulation: dry, clean, less friction, more power, more speed, more reliabilty. That’s what we give you. Oh, and peace of mind!

With no solvents, there is also absolutely no damage to, or premature degradation, of the O rings.

100% biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Go Wax Lube is available in the following sizes:

  • 120ml (4.06 fl.oz)
  • 500ml (16.9 fl.oz)

Also available as a Spray Wax in 500ml size.

  • Cast iron and nylon monobloc feed track on edge banders and multi blade rip saws.
  • Rack and pinion on precision machines, like CNC and beam saws.
  • Sliding table guides and rise and fall on panel saws and thicknessers.
  • Creates a non-stick surface for multi-drill bits, chucks, blades and cutter blocks.
  • Protects against friction and surface rust.
  • Total protection for all chain drives.
How to apply
  1. For first time use, clean chain with Go Eco Degreaser & Cleaner.
  2. Ensure chain is DRY
  3. Shake GO Motorcycle and Kart Wax Lube well
  4. Apply GO Lube to chain to top of chain on sprocket and on the inside of the chain just prior to where it makes contact with the sprocket. Its viscosity and carrier fluid will distribute it evenly between the rollers, links and sprockets.
  5. Apply enough GO Lube to lightly cover the chain. As the carrier fluid is water GO Lube will penetrate into the necessary areas as indicated above.
  6. For fast moving kart chains, allow to dry for between 5 to 30 minutes or even better if you have time to allow it to dry for even longer. Our suggestion is to lube the chain as you pull into the pits on completion of your session. By the time the next session starts your GO Lube will be ready to give you that crucial split second advantage.
  7. In wet conditions it is important to dry chain and allow lube to dry completely before exposing to water. Once dry, GO Lube repels water.
As you are well aware the first Karting event of the season is behind us, and I would like to inform you of the results to date with the tests carried out on GO CHAIN WAX.

KARTWORLD as you are well aware, along with it’s number one driver Chassen Bright (a South African Champion and National Colours holder) and other team members have been testing and using the product from inception on all it’s karts, and the most grueling tests have been carried out on the 37hp VORTEX SUPER ROK mounted on the PCR chassis of Chassen Bright, and have found the following:

  • The chain and sprocket LIFE has more than doubled
  • The Karts after long distance tests of over 20km stints still show visible signs of lubrication
  • There is minimum fling of the GO CHAIN WAX on the chassis or engine which cannot be said about the other products tested.
  • There is no dirt pick up on the chain and sprockets
  • One has to use far less GO CHAIN WAX on any single application compared to other chain lubes tested
  • There is no chain lube inside the clutch drum which was the case before with other products causing clutch slip and loss of performance


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